Oil sump removal - E-type 6 cylinders.

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#1 Oil sump removal - E-type 6 cylinders.

Post by BAHADORI » Mon Jan 25, 2021 11:22 am


I have just dismantled the oil sump from my type E S1 4.2, and this operation is not easy if the engine is in the car and is poorly explained in the Jaguar manual. For this, I offer you a tutorial that makes things easier. To start, you have to disassemble :
1- the sump drain plug to remove the oil,
2- the manifold outlet tubes (perhaps it is not necessary if you have the original exhaust. For my part, I have "big" bore "exhaust, and I had to do it).
3- The damper pulley.
4- The Cover plate in front of clutch housing.
5- the oil return hose connecting the oil filter head to the oil sump. On my side, I unscrewed the 3 nuts to dismantle the small elbow from the oil sump.
Now you have to put the crankshaft in the right position so that it does not interfere with the removal of the oil sump.
6- On the photos below, you need to find your way around the position of the key locking cone to damper.

Then you have to:
7- unscrew and remove the 2 engine fixing screws at the front and remove the stabilizer link connecting the clutch housing to the bulkhead of the car,
8- Lift the motor 2 cm to 3 cm,
9- Put a jack under the gearbox and also lift it 2 to 3 cm,
10- unscrew the setscrews and nuts fixing the oil sump on the engine block and the front timing cover.
11 - Remove the dipstick for oil level.
12- At this point, you can normally remove the oil sump.

When reassembling, be careful :
* by putting the oil sump back in place, at the rear bearing seal, because it is possible that by touching the crankshaft, it moves and is no longer correctly placed in its housing.
* it is specified in the technical manual that the bolt at the front right corner of the engine is a little shorter than the others because it is just under the thread of a bolt of the "front timing cover".

In reality, I had to reassemble the oil sump a second time because there was, after repairing a crack with a TIG welder, still a very small leak.
Suddenly, I tested the dismantling of the casing by following another method: The dismantling of the "reaction plate".
However, I find this method easier, because once the damper is removed, the oil sump can be removed directly, without removing the damper pulley and lifting engine/gearbox and without the risk of the rear seal moving when touching the crankshaft.

You can go see the post :
viewtopic.php?f=3&t=13751&p=111989&hili ... te#p111989

I will also add a comment about my dismantling experience.

Good disassembly.

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E-type serie 1 OTS 1966.

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